Warriors' veteran and rival center continue NBA's most pointless beef

Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors
Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

Despite their seasons having both come to an end some time ago, it appears Golden State Warriors' veteran Draymond Green and Phoenix Suns' center Jusuf Nurkic can't let go of their displeasure for one another.

Things infamously kicked off when Green hit Nurkic during the third-quarter of a game in Phoenix in November, leading to an indefinite suspension for the four-time NBA champion. Nurkic appeared legitimately concerned for Green in the post-game, yet took it all back after the two met again for the first time two months later, claiming that Green hadn't learnt anything and that "he's going to hit somebody else again."

Golden State Warriors' forward Draymond Green took his opportunity on Inside the NBA to throw another jab at Jusuf Nurkic

The pair have continued to air out their grievances, with Green using his media platform to take digs while Nurkic has been quick to respond on Twitter/X. The latest iteration of the league's most pointless beef came on Monday when the Warrior forward was a guest on Inside the NBA, with Clutch Points' Brett Siegel quickly pointing out Green's blatant shot at Nurkic in stating, "the Suns have no big man...KD the Suns big man."

Nurkic quickly gave his customary response on social media, reiterating that Green needs help and that he's still crying about Durant who left the Warriors via free agency in 2019.

The Green-Nurkic beef may be providing a source of entertainment to a degree, but it's having absolutely no impact on actual on-court activities. Of course, the initial hit in November -- which cost Green 21 games -- played a key role in the Warriors' missing the playoffs, but nevertheless the two are rather irrelevant right now given they can't actually battle it out on the court.

Green and Golden State were left embarrassed by their exit at the hands of the Sacramento Kings in the Play-In Tournament, while Nurkic was practically a bystander as the Minnesota Timberwolves waltzed to a sweep of the Suns in the first-round.

Rivalries at this point of the season should be focused on players going back and forth over the course of a gruelling seven-game playoff series, rather than two players who would be better served simply enjoying their off-season.