Warriors' third-year wing listed in top handful of young players needing a trade

Golden State Warriors v Boston Celtics
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As the Golden State Warriors' 2023-24 campaign falls further into the mire, many fans are already turning one eye towards the offseason where the franchise will have a host of decisions to make.

While the focus may largely fall on those who can become free agents, notably Klay Thompson and Chris Paul, the Warriors will also have potential trade scenarios after failing to make a move before February's deadline.

Golden State Warriors' wing Moses Moody has been identified as a young player that may require a trade this offseason

One player Golden State need to make a decision on is Moses Moody -- despite nearing the completion of his third NBA season, we're really none the wiser on whether the 21-year-old is a long-term piece for the franchise.

Moody's had a stop-start year to date with multiple stints in and out of Steve Kerr's rotation. Subsequently, in a recent article looking at young players around the league in need of a trade, Bleacher Report's Grant Hughes identified the former lottery pick as a candidate.

"Moody has the big-wing size (6'11", 205 lbs) and two-way game to play a legitimate role on just about any team, and he's young enough to have two or three more phases of game-improving growth before he peaks. Based on how difficult it's been for him to carve out a niche with the Warriors, though, it seems like the best route would be to establish himself elsewhere."

Grant Hughes
Miles McBride, Moses Moody
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This is a notion that stems back to before the trade deadline, with a suggestion that the Warriors should have traded Moody for the betterment of his career. Yet on the flip side, his league-wide value had dipped to a point the franchise was never going to get anything of significance in return.

Moody appeared to have made a breakthrough a month ago with a nine-game stretch where he averaged over 20 minutes per game, including four starts in the absence of Andrew Wiggins.

But as has been the case over the course of his career, Moody's once again be relegated to a near non-existent role. He failed to play against the Los Angeles Lakers on March 16, played 18 total minutes over the following three games, then was a DNP again in Golden State's loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday.

While there's still time remaining in this season, the lack of clarity on Moody's role means that speculation on his future is likely to once again reignite over the offseason.