West rival's major trade looks to mimic how Warriors built a dynasty

Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls
Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The NBA offseason is well and truly in full swing, with one of the Golden State Warriors' ideal targets officially taken off the trade table just days after the Boston Celtics lifted the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have moved to trade for coveted guard Alex Caruso, beating out the Warriors and a plethora of other potential suitors with the relatively low price of former sixth overall pick Josh Giddey.

The Oklahoma City Thunder's trade for Alex Caruso hopes to emulate the Golden State Warriors and their move for Andre Iguodala in 2013

Giddey had a disappointing season that culminated in limited on-court opportunity in the playoffs, leading to wide-held surprise that the Bulls were not able to get back additional draft compensation in the player-for-player trade.

It's a major boost for the Thunder who will look to take the next step after rising to the top of the West during the regular season, before bowing out again the Dallas Mavericks in the Conference Semifinals.

Their current position has been compared to that of the Warriors of just over a decade ago, with ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski comparing Caruso's potential impact to that of four-time champion Andre Iguodala.

"Caruso's arrival could be seen as an addition comparable to the Golden State Warriors' acquisition of Andre Iguodala in 2013. At the time of that deal, Iguodala was also 30 years old."

Adrian Wojnarowski

The similarities are certainly there between Iguodala and Caruso, not only with their age and experience but their on-court value as elite-level defenders who are versatile enough offensively to prove incredibly impactful.

Iguodala was the final key piece for Golden State who would go on to win four titles -- the first of which saw the now-retired forward win Finals MVP. Not only do OKC hope that Caruso can be their Iguodala, but that Shai Gilgeous Alexander is their Stephen Curry, Jalen Williams is their Klay Thompson (a second bona fide All-Star), and that Chet Holmgren can have a similar defensive impact to Draymond Green. Who knows, the Thunder also have the cap space and assets this summer to go and pursue their own version of the Warriors' addition of Kevin Durant in 2016.

The Thunder are in an incredibly enviable position right now, but at least the Warriors can look back and acknowledge that they had their time in the sun. That won't eliminate the frustration of missing out on Caruso though, with Golden State on the search for a major difference-maker who can turn their fortunes around after finishing 10th in the West this season.