What the Golden State Warriors would target if they were to make an imminent trade

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors
Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

After a strong start to the season, the Golden State Warriors have hit a major hurdle that's put their championship-credentials in jeopardy. In fact, based on recent form even despite Monday's win against the Houston Rockets, the franchise might be lucky just to make the playoffs.

The Warriors have time though, we're just 15 games into the season. The likes of Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins have time to find their form, something that may have already begun given the pair have tallied 79 combined points across the last two games.

Off to a rocky 7-8 start, there's one specific area the Golden State Warriors would target were they were to make a trade in the coming days.

But what if there was no time? What if the trade deadline was imminent and the Warriors needed to choose whether or not to make a deal? That's just what Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report has done, looking at 'what every NBA team would do' if they were presented with such a situation.

There's no secret as to what the Warriors need right now -- a consistent secondary scorer behind Stephen Curry. Golden State have been over-reliant on the 35-year-old point-guard, largely thanks to the early struggles of Thompson and Wiggins.

""If Moses Moody and Jonathan Kuminga can't step into larger offensive roles immediately, the Warriors will have to go out and get another proven scoring force before the deadline. They need someone who can help keep Curry fresh for the playoffs (if Golden State makes it that far)," Swartz wrote."

Expecting Kuminga or Moody to step up into that role isn't an overly fair projection. The third-year duo still have their inconsistencies, and the playing time provided by Steve Kerr often reflects that. Many Warrior fans yearn for the pair to play more, though no one's expecting them to be the secondary scorer behind Curry on a championship-aspiring team.

It's ultimately up to Thompson and Wiggins to rediscover their scoring capacity -- the league is too talented and too potent offensively for that pair to be putting up the numbers they currently are. If things can't shift sufficiently, then a meaningful move should be considered.

The Warriors traded James Wiseman for Gary Payton II at last season's mid-season deadline, a move that's worked well for but was never going to be franchise-altering. Will things be different 12 months on?