Warriors Announce Plans On Moving To SF


In a 10am conference, with the Bay as the background, very important people gathered to hear what was already being rumored. The Golden State Warriors are looking to move back to the city of San Francisco. The earliest the team can move back across the bay is in 2017. Mark Jackson, current coach of the Warr

iors, joked that while it is a celebration for the organization, it is quite ironic that he is celebrating something that he is unsure he’ll be around for. With that said, he took out a black sharpie and noted that he wanted the signatures from the higher executives to ensure he’ll still be here for that time.

The men in charge only confirmed the suspicious rumors that have floated around the Warriors. With the SF Niners moving to Santa Clara in 2013, it is only fitting that more of the Bay Area teams start to look for a more lucrative home. Earlier in the basketball season, the location of where the new arena will be built (between Pier 30-32), was not available, but as time went on and the location became ready, SF Mayor Edwin Lee, pushed for the Warriors to head back across the Bay.

The new arena will not only be the home to the Warriors but also to host other big events, such as concerts, big award shows as well as featuring restaurants, sports bars, and shopping.

The live announcement was hosted by Ahmad Rashad. It featured the current Mayor Edwin Lee, current Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, current Warriors’ owners, executives, players and current NBA commissioner David Stern attended and spoke at the announcement.

Both Warrior owners commented on making the new venue more accessible to public transportation, making the venue a hub for not only Warrior games but as well as having restaurants, retail shops and sports bars located around, making it a multi-facet facility. Probably the most important aspect of the prospect of building a new arena is that this will be a private financed move, therefore it taxpayers will not have to pay any extra to see the new building being built. And they took the example from their new neighbors in the SF Giants, that private financed stadiums (ballpark in that case) can be very successful. They also thanked the Giants in their support, effort and help with the move across the Bay.

As for the building, the building is to be an architectural design will be like no other. They want to participation from the the fans rather than being there just as audience members. They want fans to virally advocate this new venue. As co-owner, Peter Guber stated, the venue will not only be “the state of the art, but also be the state of the heart” for the fans. He wants it to be a digitally fit enterprise.

Everyone there thanked everyone that was there. The goal is for this project to be done in five years when the lease for Oracle is up. Guber also realized that the 2017 is a goal and a promise that the Warriors will play there.

Of course, the city and the Mayor of Oakland are