Three reasons why Zaza Pachulia should be an All-Star

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Zaza Pachulia needs to be an All-Star for these three reasons.

The All-Star Game is supposed to be a contest where the league’s best come together in a fun exhibition. It’s where the Steph Curry’s, LeBron James’, Kobe Bryant’s, and Russell Westbrook’s of the world can set aside their regular season battles for, at least, one night. The whole weekend has become quite the event, but only the All-Star Game has a voting process.

The fans have a chance to vote for their favorite players. Most of the time, this just means that the NBA’s top stars get voted in. Veterans with long resumés and rising stars breaking into the elite tier. But every now and then, players who don’t deserve to start in the game get the votes to do so.

Bryant received vote long after his prime when he was no longer an effective player in the league. Dwyane Wade is probably going to start in this upcoming game, but he’s not as deserving as other guards including his own teammate, Jimmy Butler. Yao Ming was voted in as a starter in 2011 after playing just 5 games that season. But at least those guys are (or, rather, were) stars.

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Then you have the case of Zaza Pachulia. Last year, Kawhi Leonard’s late push lifted him over the center. This season, Pachulia is second in frontcourt voting, behind only Kevin Durant.

Pachulia has become a solid player for Golden State. He doesn’t put up huge numbers like a DeMarcus Cousins or is the best player on his team like Marc Gasol. It’s hard to find someone that believes that Pachulia deserves a spot over those guys on the Western Conference team.

The NBA has implemented a media and player vote in order to try to prevent something like this from happening. Here are three reasons why it NEEDS to happen.