Six best moments from Warriors’ win over Cavs

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The Golden State Warriors continue to make fun of LeBron James after he flopped following a Draymond Green foul.

The Golden State Warriors don’t like LeBron James. While they may respect his talent, they don’t seem to respect his antics. They’ve made it known they don’t like his antics.

After James complained about Draymond Green’s name calling, Marreese Speights tweeted out baby bottle emojis and Klay Thompson joked that it’s a grown man’s game. Thompson has called the reigning Final MVP’s actions “childish.” And, of course, there’s the flopping that gets everyone upset.

James gets hit harder than a lot of other players. His sheer size, strength, and speed force players into hitting a little harder in order to stop him. Freight trains can’t be stopped easily.

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But James, being the freight train that he is, sometimes goes down like a child riding a bicycle for the first time. The smallest contact sends James flying across the court. We saw it again on the MLK Day matchup.

Draymond Green fouled James in the second quarter of the game. The Cavs’ star was running on the fast break. He turned, saw Green, braced himself, and drew the contact as the Warriors’ forward tried to poke the ball away or, at minimum, stop the fast break.

James collapsed, as if someone in the top row shot him with a sniper rifle. The two teams came together with Richard Jefferson getting in Green’s face. It was a hard foul, but it wasn’t worth the flagrant foul that he was given. James sold the contact and the officials bought it, partly because of Green’s reputation.

While it’s always hilarious to see a human being as strong as James transform into a helpless victim who gets dropped with minimal force, that wasn’t even the best part of the whole sequence. That’s not the reason this is the number one play from the game. It was the reaction afterwards.

Green walked over to the sideline as the officials were taking a look at the play and gave his thoughts on how the play went down. He flailed wildly, entertaining the crowd in the process. It was clear that he thought that James just flopped.

Both men are locked into their own little rivalry that gets better every game. This just added to it. Whether or not LeBron James wants to admit it, the Warriors are his greatest adversary.

If they face off again in June, expect some more action. This rivalry is far from over.