Golden State Warriors: Nick Young’s personality fits


It feels like a perfect marriage of personality and skill set between the Golden State Warriors and Nick Young in free agency.

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There always seems to be a surprise with the Golden State Warriors in free agency each year. After taking care of their own this year, the Warriors now are tasked with filling out the rest of the bench to go with their championship roster. As Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted out on Sunday, that player could very well be Nick Young.

The guard is a free agent after his tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers and he is a veteran that has been around the game for a while now and is one of those players that is now thinking ring. Golden State gives him the best opportunity right now to get one, but he also can be a great complementary bench piece as well.

Young likes to let it fly from deep as well. According to basketball-reference, Young averaged seven attempts from beyond the arc last season while also shooting 40 percent on those shots. In Golden State, he would get plenty of looks to just let it fly.

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Playing with a more established roster and one that will encourage him to shoot the ball, he could be in a more friendly system that allows him to produce perhaps at a bit of a higher clip. Although last year was one of his best to date.

Everyone knows the personality that comes with the player and there isn’t a team in the league that embraces personality more than the Warriors. At 32 years old, Young playing with a chip on his shoulder and having the ultimate green light to go whenever should be a huge motivating factor to come to Golden State. Playing with the best shooters in the league would make him feel right at home.