Golden State Warriors: Zaza Pachulia’s return makes sense

CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 07: Stephen Curry
CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 07: Stephen Curry /

The Golden State Warriors filling out the rest of their roster and bringing back Zaza Pachulia makes all the sense in the world.

At this point in free agency, the Golden State Warriors are just filling out the rest of their roster. Anything of note is just an added bonus to yet another tremendous free agency period for the team. Adding Omri Casspi and Nick Young to the roster has already been a massive coup for the team. Now, the Warriors are simply rounding out the rest of their roster.

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That’s why the move to bring back Zaza Pachulia as his agent announced on Friday, makes all the sense in the world. Bringing back players with a little continuity at this point is a good decision for Golden State, in addition to their new free agents and Jordan Bell from the draft.

Pachulia also is a starter and bringing him back gives the team a starting unit that has a championship and good deal of miles together after his first year in the bay. He’s not the long term option at the center spot and he has a limited role, but it’s good to keep him in there for the time being.

The big question is what this means for JaVale McGee. He wants to stay in the bay area and he really showed last year that he belongs in this league after Golden State took a chance on him. However, while the spending has slowed down in free agency it is not yet over.

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There is a chance that a team in need of a center could throw a lot more at McGee than the Warriors can and are willing to spend at this point. If he does indeed land somewhere else, no one can fault him for making the best financial decision for him and his family.

If he is back in a Warriors uniform, then the team knows what they’re getting completely from the center position. The first step to all of this was getting Pachulia back under the fold for the next season.