Golden State Warriors: Steve Kerr wants JaVale McGee back

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 15: JaVale McGee
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 15: JaVale McGee /

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr would have JaVale McGee back in the fold next season if he could have things his way.

The only question that continues to remain with the Golden State Warriors’ offseason is whether or not JaVale McGee will be back next season. With not much traction on the free agent market, McGee hasn’t found a new home yet.

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He certainly didn’t get the offers he was expecting and the big men market has taken a harsh hit after last season’s spending spree. Now, McGee is looking for a job and the only option for him might be to return to the Warriors.

Golden State only has the minimum to offer now and while McGee was hoping for more, getting to stay in the league for another year and collect a check isn’t the worst option. As of right now, the Warriors are the favorites to win the NBA Championship again and collecting another ring and hitting the market again next year, might give him what he wants.

While his future is still up in the air, head coach Steve Kerr would like to see him back in a Warriors uniform next year. Kerr told, that he would like him back next season on the roster.

“I’d like to see JaVale back, and we’ll see how that shakes out,” Kerr said in a quote to While the head coach doesn’t make the front office decisions, it’s a strong vote of confidence if Kerr indeed wants him back. It also sends a message to McGee that is indeed wanted.

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While McGee didn’t play a lot of minutes per game, he was very effective in the minutes that he did play. Kerr knew how to push the right buttons and put him in spots where he would succeed with the right lineup around him.

Now, McGee is still in search of a job and it just feels like a reunion that should happen considering the money has dried up. Someone could still throw a larger offer at him, but with each passing day a return seems like the best option for him.