Golden State Warriors: Did Steph Curry make fun of LeBron with Kyrie Irving?

CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 7: Stephen Curry
CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 7: Stephen Curry /

The Golden State Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry seemed to be making fun of LeBron James with his teammate Kyrie Irving.

Stephen Curry won his second championship this summer. It was his second title in three years. Both of his victories have come at the expense of LeBron James.

This time is different than the first one though. The Warriors weren’t just a team that exploded onto the scene and won a title. They were looking for revenge.

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Since their victory, they’ve made sure to let the world know that they are the most dominant basketball team ever assembled. After having to deal with “3-1” jokes for an entire year, the Warriors cruised to a 15-1 record in the playoffs. Then the real fun began.

Kevin Durant wore his, now famous, cupcake hat at a softball game. Draymond Green was exchanging shots with James on social media. Now Steph Curry, who received the majority of the ridicule, is also firing back.

Curry, along with several other NBA players, was in attendance for former teammate Harrison Barnes’ wedding. The guests took to the dance floor and Curry was right in the middle of it. He danced with none other than Kyrie Irving.

It wasn’t just dancing, though, as it looks like Curry might have been mocking one of James’ Instagram videos that he posted during the Dubs’ championship parade:

Curry is doing the angry face and the first pumping that James did in his video. The superstar point guard stopped his dancing to lift weights, possibly in reference to the fact that James interrupted his workout to dance and post on social media. But that’s not even the best part of it.

Irving, whose relationship with James has reportedly become strained recently, is right there with Curry, laughing at him. He’s enjoying the two-time champ’s impression of his star teammate. This only adds the (hilarious) mess unfolding in Cleveland.

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It’s possible that this is being taken out of context, but it looks pretty clear-cut. The fact that Irving, who has requested a trade away from James, is going along with it while still a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers is amazing. That shows you the power of Wardell Stephen Curry II.

Curry was fed up. James has spent the last few years taking shots at him. I think Curry is fine letting his two rings in three NBA Finals against James do most of the talking. The dancing is pretty fun, too.