Stephen Curry crashes house party because he’s a savage

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 5: Stephen Curry
NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 5: Stephen Curry /

Golden State Warriors MVP guard Stephen Curry continued an epic offseason by crashing a party.

No one really ever knows just who is going to show up at a house party. There are the invited guests, the ones that straggle along for the ride and of course those party guests no one really wanted to invite but were anyways so feelings weren’t hurt. Oh, and there’s also Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry.

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After Harrison Barnes got married in Rhode Island over the weekend, Curry decided he wanted to party a little more. TMZ reported on Monday, that Curry heard a nearby house throwing a party in the middle of the night and decided that he was going to go tip back some Bud Lights with the people throwing the party.

Everyone has thrown a house party at some point in their life, but it’s safe to say very few end with an MVP and NBA Champion walking through the doors. Nonetheless, Curry was the life of the party and created a story those people won’t soon forget.

Just take a look at the beer that Curry drenched all over his shirt. If that isn’t the truest form of a great party, then nothing else is.

Curry’s had quite the offseason that has seen him hang out with some of the biggest celebrities in the world. He’s also hung out with regular people as well and even tipped back some cold ones with the boys. That’s what being an ambassador for the league is all about.

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Next time anyone decides to throw a house party, they might want to keep an extra a case or two on hand. No one knows when the two-time MVP will be rolling through to throw back some beers with his buddies.