Golden State Warriors: There are no Warriors-like baseball teams


The Golden State Warriors are uniquely dominant. No one else is like them, including baseball teams.

You know something represents greatness when inferior things are compared to it. You know, such and such is the such and such of the first thing’s world. That type of thing.

The Golden State Warriors are the standard in professional sports. They represent excellence in its purest form. They embody greatness.

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No one in the basketball world compares to them. No one ever in the basketball world compares to them. The Warriors are both revolutionary and dominant in unprecedented ways.

A few weeks ago, the Washington Post tried to compare the Los Angeles Dodgers to the Warriors. The Dodgers are, probably, the best team in baseball this season and, probably, the favorite to represent the National League in the Fall Classic. They are not anything like the Warriors.

We, at Blue Man Hoop, already discussed the ridiculous nature of such a comparison. The Dodgers haven’t won a World Series, let alone a National League pennant since the 1980’s. They are good now, but they need to actually win a championship (or two) before they can even match them.

The San Francisco Giants have won three championships this decade. From 2010-2014, they ruled the MLB every other year. In between their title seasons, though, they missed the playoffs. The organization had a lot of misses unlike the Warriors who have gotten nearly everything right since the new ownership took over.

There are other really good teams in baseball. The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox  both complimented each other after solid moves, with the rival calling each other the Warriors of the sport. Then there’s other top squads like the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals.

Still, none of these teams really exemplify what the Warriors are about. The Astros might be the closest. After years of mediocrity, they built through the draft and their best player is undersized. They would have to sign Bryce Harper or Mike Trout in order to really be close to the Warriors.

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Golden State has changed the game. They’ve destroyed other franchises with their dominance. No team in baseball is like that right now, despite ESPN’s best wishes with their recent poll asking that question.

Teams can be great without having to be the greatest. Stop calling other squads the Golden State Warriors of whatever before they’ve earned it.