Golden State Warriors: Is JaVale McGee adding a three-pointer?

OAKLAND, CA - APRIL 10: JaVale McGee
OAKLAND, CA - APRIL 10: JaVale McGee /

Golden State Warriors’ reserve center JaVale McGee is putting in a lot of work this summer, posting it on Instagram. Is he adding a three pointer?

The Golden State Warriors are going to have an incredible shooting season. They have the two best marksmen in league history in Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Kevin Durant, at seven feet tall, is a unique sniper. They will be adding Nick Young and Omri Casspi, two fine shooters, this year.

But could they be getting even more space? After extended negotiations, the Warriors came to an agreement to bring back JaVale McGee. The reserve center will be back in the Bay Area.

McGee has been posting regular videos of his offseason workouts. It looks like he’s been playing a lot of pickup games. The videos show him attacking in various ways.

One of the best aspects of the videos is that he’s posting his stats. He’s showing off his numbers from his pickup games. Considering he’s an NBA player hooping against guys who aren’t in low key summer pickup games, the fact that his workout videos include percentages is incredible.

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In the video above, McGee says he shot 52 percent on threes. Throughout the season, there were reports that he would be taking and making a lot of long jumpers. That didn’t translate to the games through.

McGee shot just three treys during the season. He missed every single one of them. That wasn’t part of his game.

Prior to agreeing to return to Golden State, there were reports that McGee was unhappy with the team. He felt like he deserved more money. Furthermore, he wanted a larger role.

McGee, reportedly, felt that he had earned the right to be in consideration for the starting spot. While the center was a great spark off the bench, he should stay there (despite the wishes of many Golden State fans). There are reasons why he’s best off the bench.

Part of the reason is his one-dimensional offense. His only contributions come in the form of alley-oops. He’s an incredible athlete and a terrific rim runner, but he’s limited to being effective within just a few feet of the hoop.

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Developing a jump shot would be helpful. While Zaza Pachulia isn’t Marc Gasol by any means, but he has a little more offensive versatility, despite the fact that he can’t jump at all. His ability to step out and hit the midrange jumper is one of the reasons why Pachulia is in the starting spot.

McGee working on a jumper isn’t a bad thing, but it shouldn’t be at the top of his list. He needs to improve his conditioning so that Steve Kerr can rely on him for more than a few minutes at a time. Working on his defensive game is also vital.

McGee doesn’t need to add a three-pointer necessarily, but a midrange shot would go a long way in terms of opening things up for the rest of the team. It’ll also get him more minutes.