Golden State Warriors: The NBA Finals rematches on Christmas need to stop


The mystique of NBA Finals rematches on Christmas Day isn’t the same as it once was and it’s time for a change in the NBA.

Routines and patterns aren’t always a bad thing. However, getting stuck in them can lead to apathy or general enthusiasm being dwindled. For the NBA, that could be happening with their slate of games on Christmas Day. That of course means the game the Golden State Warriors play in.

NBA Finals rematches have long been the marquee of Christmas for the league. With the day unofficially being considered when basketball truly starts each year, the league makes sure to put the two best teams from each conference back up against each other again.

With the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers having met in three straight NBA Finals, they will go toe-to-toe yet again this Christmas. It will be the third year in a row they spend the holidays together.

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That’s exactly why this tradition by the league needs to end. It would be one thing if the NBA Finals didn’t consistently feature the same teams battling for it all.

That isn’t the case right now with the Warriors and Cavaliers.

If anything, the two teams meeting in the finals every year has opened a lot of eyes on perhaps some issues within the game.

That isn’t to say these two teams haven’t earned where they have gotten. It’s just there could be some minor tweaks.

Freshening up the Christmas Day slate in a rivalry that could soon turn stale (depending upon what happens with Cleveland) could be the best thing for the league. Both teams should still play on Christmas, but perhaps give them another opponent.

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Change can be good and the league has introduced plenty of change thus far this year with a wild free agency and new uniforms from Nike. The Christmas Day NBA Finals rematch is the next thing that should be kicked out the door.