Can Omri Casspi Be The Secret Weapon For The Warriors?

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 28: Omri Casspi
OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 28: Omri Casspi /

An instant classic showdown between the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings two seasons ago shows how effective Omri Casspi could be on the team.

When Omri Casspi signed with the Golden State Warriors on a one year deal this summer, it didn’t make much of a splash. The stretch forward is coming off a disappointing year where he played less than 40 games for three separate teams. Even with the risk involved, the Warriors know exactly what kind of promise Casspi holds thanks to an epic showdown on December 28, 2015.

Steph Curry hasn’t had a lot of one on one duels; it’s not how he or the team operates. He’s not one to play hero ball, and Coach Steve Kerr’s motion offense despises isolation plays.

Opposing coaches know not to indulge in a fast paced shootout because that plays right into the Warriors hands. Yet one of Steph’s most magical moments of his unanimous MVP season came in a wild shootout against Casspi.

The game began how so many Warriors games did that 73 win season, with unbridled confidence and carelessness. A double digit lead quickly disappeared as the Dubs got cocky and sloppy. They found themselves hanging by a thread as the first half wound down.

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No matter – that’s when Chef Curry starts cooking. He grabbed a rebound and flew down the court, hit his defender with a couple crossovers, stepped back and swished for his first three of the night. The stadium pulsed with electricity, sensing a Curry Flurry weather pattern, but Casspi had other plans.

With just over a minute left in the first half, the two players turned the game into their personal round of horse. Curry and Casspi took turns hitting threes, often from the same spot on the floor. Steph would shake his defender out of his shoes.

Casspi would pump fake his way into an open bomb. In the second half, the Warriors would lock down on Casspi and easily win the game. Casspi dropped a career high 36 points on 9-12 three point shooting, while Steph finished with 23 points, 14 rebounds, and 10 assists. The Kings may have lost, but Casspi survived a shootout with the golden boy.

Now Imagine Them Both On The Same Team…

Anyone who watched the game will salivate at the idea of Casspi in a Dubs jersey. As a big man who can shoot, he fills the hole left by Mo Speights’ departure. His ball handling ability will fit in with the fast pace of the Warriors. His shooting range, which stretches into Splash Brothers territory, makes the team’s court vision exponentially more dangerous.

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Most excitingly, if Casspi could put up those numbers with a toothless team like the Kings, just imagine the damage he could do with all the space he’ll get on the Warriors. Casspi might end up just being a garbage time role player, but if Coach Kerr can fit him into the rotation, don’t be surprised if he ends up a secret weapon.