Breaking down Kevin Durant and Lil Dicky’s LeBron Debate

CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 9: Kevin Durant
CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 9: Kevin Durant /
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And the Winner is…

In all likelihood, James isn’t going anywhere, both because of the unthinkability of that happening and his no trade clause.

So, Durant is more right about the outcome, but LD seems to be the more analytical in his logic.

LD just doesn’t seem to have enough logistical knowledge of the NBA, whereas Durant cannot relate to the Gilbert-James relationship.

Durant didn’t have nearly the same backlash, at least from his prior team’s ownership, when he left the Oklahoma City Thunder as Charlotte Wilder of USA Today compares.

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Let’s also not forget that Gilbert and James stand on opposite sides of the divisive President Trump state, which both James and Durant have commented about this past week.

Perhaps Durant and LD will continue a similar debate during next summer’s free agency following the Warriors vs. Cavaliers part 4. The only thing this conversation certainly proves is: Durant either acknowledges thinking about James’ next moves, or he’s just a Lil Dicky fan!