Stephen Curry will teach rookies to respect him

WALNUT CREEK, CA - AUGUST 07: Stephen Curry
WALNUT CREEK, CA - AUGUST 07: Stephen Curry /

A recent poll from the NBA’s rookies didn’t show Stephen Curry much love. They’ll learn quickly when they face the Golden State Warriors.

When one thinks of the most popular players in the league, Stephen Curry is near the top of the list. He is one of the great all-around guys in general and a true ambassador for the Golden State Warriors in the league. He represents all that is right with a professional athlete. So naturally, the NBA’s rookies aren’t fond of the man.

More from Warriors News recently polled the NBA rookies on who their favorite players in the league are and the two-time MVP did not receive one single vote. LeBron James was the top vote recipient which makes all the sense in the world. What doesn’t make sense is Curry not receiving one single vote.

Not everyone is a fan of the Warriors because of the way they have steamrolled the league, but Curry is a great individual that possesses great talent. It’s understandable if it was someone with a little edge like a Draymond Green or someone else who can get under the skin of others.

However, for Curry not to be received well by the incoming rookie class is astonishing. It just means that he is going to have teach some lessons when he goes up against the 2017 rookies this season.

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This is a class that had multiple stud point guards and for their sake, they better hope that the two-time champion is having an off night when he plays them. This probably isn’t a poll that is going to bother him in any way, but it wouldn’t be shocking to see him have a little extra for all the rookies in the league.

Respect is earned and not given, but Curry has more than earned it. If it’s a couple triple-double nights or even a 40-point effort, he’s going to take some of these rookies to school real quick and make himself their favorite player.