Golden State Warriors: Klay Thompson isn’t going anywhere

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Klay Thompson
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Klay Thompson /

The Golden State Warriors have a star-studded core that they want to keep together. That means Klay Thompson isn’t going anywhere.

The Golden State Warriors have a really good thing going. When your third option on offense has the ability to go off for 60 points in less than 30 minutes, you’re in a good position. Your team has to be solid if that guy is, arguably, your fourth best player.

Klay Thompson is an All-Star talent. At times, he can be the best player on the floor. He can sometimes become the forgotten man as well.

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The Warriors go as far as Stephen Curry will take them. That’s how it’s always been. But Thompson’s presence and development have been nearly as important as Curry’s over the last five years. Before Draymond Green really came into his own as a pro and long before Kevin Durant, it was Curry and Thompson shooting the Warriors into the playoffs.

The arrival of Durant elevated the Warriors to unprecedented levels of greatness. In turn, Thompson’s value is sometimes downplayed because of the combined excellence of Golden State’s two MVPs. Thus, the door for rumors is opened.

The Indiana Pacers reportedly called the Warriors for a potential Paul George for Thompson swap. According to a later report, the Cleveland Cavaliers also offered Kyrie Irving in exchange for Thompson. Then, social media started buzzing about a potential trade between the Boston Celtics and the Warriors with Thompson in the middle of it. Obviously, none of those deals went through and the Boston one rumor will die out.

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Thompson is extremely valuable. And, while his All-NBA abilities may not always shine in Golden State’s system, they understand just how important he is. That’s why, as long as they have a say in it, he’s not going anywhere.

The Warriors are not going to trade him. It’s completely possible that he would want to leave in free agency when the time comes, but Thompson seems to have winning really high up on his list of priorities.