Golden State Warriors show support for Houston


Multiple members of the Golden State Warriors have shared their support for the people of Houston after the terrible hurricane that took place.

When tragedy strikes, it’s important that everyone comes together to show support for and help those that have been affected. Over the weekend, a terrible hurricane swept over the gulf and several cities in Texas. Houston in general, was greatly devastated from the amount of rain and flooding they received.

After the tragic events unfolded, several celebrities and notable athletes began sending their well wishes and even began to provide help to the area. The Golden State Warriors had multiple members of their team take to Twitter to show their support for the people.

Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and others sent their love to those affected in the Houston area. The area is still expected to receive more rain and thousands upon thousands of families have ended up displaced as a result.

While some might say it’s just a tweet, the fact these athletes are spreading the word shows their character and that life is a lot bigger than what’s on the court. It’s also a great way to make others aware of just how severe it is and what they can do to help.

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For those that are interested in how they can help and even from afar, the link below from CNN provides plenty of options. It takes a country to come together to rally around it’s own and everyone working together can help in a tough time.

This is the time of year when hurricanes tend to roll around and cause damage. Unfortunately, this was one was one of the bad ones and has taken a serious toll. Whether it’s tweets from members of the Golden State Warriors or people chipping in to help, it’s good to see neighbor helping neighbor.