Golden State Warriors dominate Vegas over/under

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Stephen Curry
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Stephen Curry /

Las Vegas has officially released the over/under odds for every team in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors have high expectations understandably.

When it comes to Las Vegas, the Golden State Warriors are going to be favorites in every contest. Essentially, betting on them to win is like betting on Floyd Mayweather to defeat Conor McGregor. A lot of money has to be spent to get a return on value. However, for better odds and a chance to earn more, the over/under is always a great way to go.

On Tuesday, superbook WestGate LV released their odds for each teams’ wins on the season (via ESPN). Needless to say, the Warriors are expected to win a lot of games over the course of the 2017-18 season.

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According to the odds in Vegas, the over/under for the Warriors’ win total is 67.5. That is certainly going to be an interesting bet as the Warriors won 67 games last year and would have fallen into the under category.

This of course signals that Vegas thinks there is a really solid chance that they could win more than 67 and be near the range of their record 73-win team once more. With the depth that they added it is entirely possible.

However, the Warriors have been on the record multiple times about what a drag that season was mentally.

Things could certainly be different now with the new rest rules in the league and the fact that they will have fresh legs a lot more consistently.

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Golden State is going to win a lot of games next year and it’s because of how ridiculously deep their roster. Still, it’s also an incredibly risky bet either way considering how high that total is. On one hand, they could fall a shade shy and still dominate everyone. On the other one, they could just obliterate the competition and near the 70-mark yet again.