Warriors have two of top 5 in NBA 2k18

SACRAMENTO, CA - FEBRUARY 04: Stephan Curry /

The Golden State Warriors are well represented in the top five players of NBA 2k18.

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In this day and age, player ratings matter more than anything when it comes to athletes and their egos. Long gone are the days when what a video game has to say doesn’t matter. To most of the younger generation that makes up today’s NBA, they really care about how well they fare in the NBA 2k franchise. The Golden State Warriors received a lot of love per usual.

By virtue of being the defending NBA Champions and the most dominant team in the league over the last three years, it should come as no surprise that Golden State has two players in the top 10. Both Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry sit in the top five overall and make Golden State one of the toughest teams to play with.

Add in Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, and there is probably some rule that exist among those that play that Golden State is off limits. As for the ratings themselves, these are about as spot on as they could possibly be.

It seems silly that players could get so wrapped up in their ratings, but it’s important to remember that they love to play to. No one wants to play as their likeness in a video game, only to find out they aren’t rated very highly.

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For some, it is a motivation to get better and others it’s motivation to go yell at the game developers on Twitter. Whatever the case may be, Warriors fans should be very pleased with how well regarded their team is. After all, they’re the heavy favorites for the foreseeable future and it’s unlikely anyone puts an end to that anytime soon. In fact, the only way to defeat them is probably in a video game where reality doesn’t exist.