Golden State Warriors: Does Kevin Durant need to chill on Twitter?

DELHI, INDIA - JULY 28: Kevin Durant
DELHI, INDIA - JULY 28: Kevin Durant /

The Golden State Warriors’ superstar Kevin Durant passes the time in the offseason like the rest of us: by going on Twitter. Is he doing too much though?

Kevin Durant is one of the best basketball players ever. He’s a seven footer with the skills of a guard. He’s also a multi-millionaire with one of sports’ most recognizable brands. At the end of the day, he’s just a regular guy.

Durant is a student of the game we all love. While he’s one of the greatest to ever pick up a basketball, he’s also a fan. He loves to watch it and talk about it.

NBA basketball will be back soon. Until then, Durant has some time on his hands. The 2017 Finals MVP has had a pretty incredible offseason.

He released an excellent film on his YouTube channel and continued to explore the online media space. He traveled to India and set a Guinness World Record. He had a parade in his hometown in his honor.

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In between all of these awesome events, Durant has also spent a lot of time on Twitter. He’s not just tweeting out links to new videos or posting advertisements. He’s using the platform like how most of us do.

He engages with fans that want to debate basketball opinions. He gladly shares what he thinks, offering his insights into the game. Whether it’s discussing who has the best handles in the game or LaMelo Ball’s car and work ethic.

Durant unleashes some serious fire. He counterpunches anyone that tries to land a blow on him. He regularly roasts haters that come for him.

It seems that Twitter users often antagonize Durant with the goal of getting his attention. As he told Sean Evans, host of YouTube’s Hot Ones, fans commenting negatively on his actual gets to him. When that happens, he’ll try to make fun of them.

Sometimes, Durant stoops to their level. Though his comebacks and insults can be funny, he’s probably above them. After all, he’s a multi-millionaire NBA superstar. He doesn’t necessarily need to be arguing about his game with random folks.

Ultimately, Durant can do what he wants with his Twitter account. In fact, it’s refreshing to see someone of his stature responding to fans and actually being engaging. It’s a fun way to pass the offseason.

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I would advise Durant not to feed the trolls. He’s an incredible hooper and a random trolls’ opinion isn’t going to change that. Some people like to be ridiculous for the fun of it and seemingly getting under a player’s skin gives them life.

Durant can tweet what he wants when he wants. It’s awesome that players have the ability to control their own narrative and speak for themselves. Still, he should have more discretion on Twitter instead of stooping to the level of trolls that tweet negative things at him to get a reaction.