Kevin Durant should serve as inspiration to all athletes

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Kevin Durant
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Kevin Durant /

Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant should serve as an inspiration to all professional athletes that now is the time to make their voices heard.

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Let’s just get one thing out of the way, this has turned into the summer of Kevin Durant. The star forward for the Golden State Warriors has captured all the headlines for making his voice heard. He’s commented on everything from politics to where LeBron James should end up. More importantly, he’s showing the way athletes should handle business.

For the longest time, we lived in this era where people believed athletes should be thankful for the lifestyle they live and not stand up for what they believe in on social media and other platforms. Durant certainly isn’t the pioneer of it, but a star of his magnitude stepping forward creates a following.

Mixing it up with the Twitter trolls is fine as well, considering the amount that he and other athletes have to deal with. In fact, the most refreshing thing about Durant is the real side of him that he has shown on Twitter.

Other great athletes such as C.J. McCollum, Richard Sherman, and others across all of sports are known for not living by some unwritten standards that they should be held to.

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With the way the world changes in such flux these days, it’s more important that athletes more than ever follow the lead of a Durant and just be themselves.

Canned responses and sponsored tweets are always going to be there, but the real responses let everyone into another side of their lives. No one has to broadcast themselves to the world and their personalities, but they can use it to set a precedent. Durant’s words might not always come across the nicest, but he’s leading a generation of future superstars in sharing theirs. That is ultimately the biggest takeaway from him this offseason.