Jeff Van Gundy says Warriors will win it all again

OAKLAND, CA - MAY 14: Stephen Curry
OAKLAND, CA - MAY 14: Stephen Curry /

The Golden State Warriors are going to win the NBA Championship again next year and after according to Jeff Van Gundy.

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The level of expectations for the Golden State Warriors are probably a lot higher than most sports teams have ever achieved. While there have been many dynasties across professional sports, the NBA has changed in such a way that a team like Golden State was able to monopolize the product. That essentially means that everything belongs to them. Jeff Van Gundy certainly thinks so.

As Van Gundy was on SiriusXM NBA Radio, he was asked about next season and whether or not the Cleveland Cavaliers could compete. Van Gundy was very blunt and essentially handed the Warriors the championship for the next couple of seasons.

While it’s high praise from Van Gundy, a lot to still has to happen of course. Nothing is just handed in this league. Still, it’s not a big limb to go out on and most people watching would probably assume that this is Golden State’s league to run for a while.

The candor of Van Gundy has always been one of the best parts of the NBA. He isn’t afraid to call it like he sees it and that’s why he along with Mark Jackson and Mike Breen form one of the best announcing trios during the NBA Finals every year.

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Let’s look at the facts real quick to test his assertions. The team was able to keep the core together, Kevin Durant took a pay cut and they added a potential rookie steal in Jordan Bell along with adding depth to the roster.

A team like Golden State is supposed to lose talent and not add to it. With moves like those they have made already, Van Gundy and others aren’t going to shy away from their championship predictions in the near future.