Golden State Warriors: There is no shoe drama

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Kevin Durant
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Kevin Durant /

Much will be made about Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant’s comments regarding their respective shoe brands. However, there’s nothing really to see here.

Only in a league such as the NBA can so much drama surround shoes. There isn’t a sport out there that highlights shoes quite the way the league does and it’s an industry worth billions of dollars in contracts. Therefore, vested interests are always going to have their spot and it’s come to the Golden State Warriors.

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Ever since Kevin Durant made his jabs about Under Armour with The Ringer, a lot has been made about the dynamic between he and Stephen Curry and whether that would change things. Truthfully, Durant’s comments weren’t something that should make others believe a rift would be caused.

On Monday, Curry told The Charlotte Observer that people did want to wear Under Armour and strongly supported his brand but said it won’t cause issues. While Curry’s strong statement might raise eyebrows, his latter point should be all the clue anyone needs.

Truthfully, what Durant said might not even be that big of a deal to him. However, as a brand ambassador, he couldn’t just sit around and not say anything on the matter. It would have been weird if he didn’t end up saying anything at all. In fact, this would probably be a great time for him to really push his shoe line even more.

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For those worried that a narrative might arise over who leads the locker room, this is an indicator that there isn’t a power struggle among two superstars. Both are proud of their brands and know how to co-exist together on the court masterfully. If Curry says there aren’t going to be issues or anything to disrupt the locker room, then it should be absolutely taken at face value by everyone.