Golden State Warriors: Re-signing Iguodala was worth every penny

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Andre Iguodala
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Andre Iguodala /

The Golden State Warriors re-signed Andre Iguodala over the offseason. The move to secure him for three years was worth every penny.

This past offseason saw the Golden State Warriors retain one of their most vital pieces – Andre Iguodala. The situation was looking dicey for some time, with Iguodala wanting more money and the Warriors looking to retain him for less.

Not to mention, numerous teams were interested in him, particularly the Warriors’ Pacific Division rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers. Some have expressed concern about the deal, with Iguodala being 33-years-old, but he is worth every penny. He’s much better than his one All-Star appearance suggests. I mean, he’s a Finals MVP. That’s elite in it’s own right.

The Warriors initially went in with an offer for three years/$36 million. The third year of the deal would’ve been partially guaranteed, and he was disappointed. This, however, motivated him to push for what he felt he was worth.

He knew his worth, and luckily, the Warriors came to realize it too. The two sides eventually settled on three years/$48 million. However, Iguodala nearly walked, with the top two contenders being the Lakers and the Houston Rockets. Iguodala, however, is vital to what the Warriors have been doing over the past few seasons. While throwing so much money at him may give the Warriors some luxury tax headaches, he’s totally worth it.

Iguodala ran the show in free agency

As I stated above, Iguodala knows how much he’s worth. He’s a smart man, and after being in the NBA for so long, he knows how things work. He used this knowledge to run the show. As the vice president of the National Basketball Players Association, he plays an important role in player relations.

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As Chris Haynes of ESPN writes, “Iguodala often relays to other players the importance of empowering athletes, maximising their worth and discovering business interests outside of basketball”. An example of this was Iguodala, and teammate Stephen Curry, hosting the Players Technology Summit in San Francisco in August. NBA careers don’t last forever, and people like Iguodala are important in planning futures for players.

So, he used the advice he’s given to other players for himself in his free agency pursuit, and it worked. He knew he deserved to be paid, and he made sure the Warriors knew this, or risk him leaving. General Manager Bob Myers, and Head Coach Steve Kerr are high up on Iguodala, and they wanted him back.

Iguodala was risking a lot too, he never wanted to leave the Warriors, and he could have pushed too hard. Ultimately, everything worked out for both sides, and the Warriors were able to keep their core together.

Why he is worth every penny

Iguodala is an invaluable piece of the Warriors’ squad, and what he brings to the team is undeniable. As a glue guy, he holds the team together, and from what we see publicly, he has great relationships with his teammates.

Additionally, he brings veteran leadership to a team that is highly successful, yet still young. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, on-court, he still has it. He still plays as if he doesn’t have 13 years of NBA wear-and-tear on his body. His proficiency as a two-way star is something that is cherished league-wide and the Warriors are lucky to have him on their roster.

The luxury tax issue that the Warriors are now facing with such an expensive squad is definitely a headache. But, Iguodala’s multi-faceted presence, on and off the court completely justifies his contract. Is the contract a gamble?

Sure. Throwing a three-year deal worth nearly $50 million at a 33-year-old in the NBA is risky. But, he will be coming off the bench on a team which makes the game look easy. He figures to have a very productive three seasons ahead of him.

A player such as Iguodala also gives the Warriors a greater chance at further success. Successful teams are profitable, and with the Warriors’ popularity at an all-time high, the luxury tax issue will sort itself out. The money will replace itself. Iguodala, however, is irreplaceable.

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What will he bring to the Warriors over the next three years?

Iguodala’s contribution to the Warriors cannot be understated, and that will be proven once again over the next three years. As stated above, he is a glue guy, who brings veteran experience and on-court ability off the bench.

His role will likely be the same as it has in recent years. In 2016/17, he played 76 games, averaging 7.6 points, 4 rebounds and 3.4 assists, courtesy of Basketball Reference. He’s a consistent, reliable player who will be a spark plug for the Warriors off the bench.

Iguodala’s off-court presence will be felt immensely. As his career winds down, with this possibly his final contract, he will act as a mentor for the younger players. His skills, experience and ability will be amazing tools the younger Warriors can utilise for their development. It is evident that for what he will provide the Warriors, the contract is in the best interests of both sides.

Do you think Andre Iguodala is worth three years/$48 million at this stage of his career? Comment below!