Golden State Warriors: Trump blasting Curry should spark change in White House visits

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 22: Kevin Durant
OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 22: Kevin Durant /

The Golden State Warriors, led by Stephen Curry, refused to go to the White House. This should spark a change with other pro sports teams.

Donald Trump fired back at Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry for his comments about his displeasure of not wanting to visit the White House, while Trump is in the Oval Office. Curry has been vocal about Trump in the past on several occasions. The two-time MVP has made it clear he doesn’t side with the President Obama’s successor.

Curry reiterated his opposition to the current administration “I don’t want to go” (via @anthonyVslater). Many influential figures from, his own father, Dell Curry to Magic Johnson have expressed their support for Curry.

It is pretty clear that Curry and most of his teammates did not want to go to the White House and on Saturday morning, the President made sure they were not going to come at all.

Since the President has rescinded the invitation for Curry and the whole Warriors team, their lack of a White House visit should spark change from all sports across all leagues. In a non-invitation to the White House, the Warriors are making history again, preferably the right kind of history. The Warriors will become the first championship team to decline an invitation to the White House and other teams should follow suit.

Yes, I understand that all teams will make their own decision on attending a White House visit, but if one of the best basketball teams of all time is not going to visit the White House, why not follow suit? Just today, the University of North Carolina men’s basketball team that won the championship last year declined their invitation.

Curry and his teammates, most notably, Kevin Durant have expressed their displeasure in attending a White House visit because of the policies and the values the current administration holds against minorities and other groups of people. Steve Kerr has also expressed his disappointment and displeasure with Trump’s policies and values.

By not going to the White House, the Warriors are standing up for something bigger than basketball. They are standing up for their beliefs and values they hold true to be right. At the same time, the Warriors are opposing the hatred and racism of a man who is using the office of the President to normalize hate.

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Professional athletes have voices to express their opinions on the certain issues pertaining to this country and the Warriors have two of those global ambassadors in Curry and Durant. The voice of each member of the Warriors on not visiting the White House has seismic effects across the globe on where they stand with the President and his moral values.

You can use your Twitter fingers as much as you like Mr. President, but the Warriors are not going to the White House and I have a feeling future championship teams should and will follow the same path.