Golden State Warriors: The Thunder have pulled closer

OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 18: Kevin Durant
OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 18: Kevin Durant /

The Oklahoma City Thunder have made the moves to pull closer to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference. Is it enough to push them past?

Despite the way you might feel about them, the Oklahoma City Thunder may have very well won the offseason in terms of savvy move making. They went out and added Paul George and Carmelo Anthony for almost next to nothing.

Now, this could all blow up of course if those guys don’t stay with the Thunder and the team is eventually an empty shell around Russell Westbrook. For now, the Thunder have loaded up to make a serious run at the Golden State Warriors.

Yes, it’s going to be hard for anyone to compete with Golden State. With four superstars on the roster, a championship under their belts and plenty of experience, this team should be even more difficult to beat this upcoming season.

That being said, it would be naive to just look past Oklahoma City and what they have done. Whether it’s an inch or a mile, the team has pulled closer to Golden State and their battles should be plenty more competitive.

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Even if Anthony is an aging veteran at this point, he still will provide plenty to a team and add another option. Golden State certainly knows the moves that all the teams are lining up and making in an attempt to take them down.

It’s very rare in a sports league when every team makes big moves all with the same intent. The Warriors are the monster that won’t die right now and the league is out to try and put a stop to them. The Thunder have acquired yet another weapon in hopes of putting an end to the monster.

Unfortunately for Oklahoma City, the Warriors aren’t a team that’s going to overlook the opposition standing across from them either. If anything, these teams loading up should provide Golden State with all the motivation they need to keep rolling.

The first battle between Oklahoma City and Golden State is going to be a fun one. With all the bad blood between the two, it didn’t feel the same with the Warriors making quick work of them every time they took the floor.

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Sure, it was fun for Warriors fans and everyone involved. Yet, this is almost what basketball needed. To turn the heat up on this blossoming rivalry and to try and even up the score a little bit to make it interesting.

The Warriors are still the team to beat until someone dethrones them. They could very well still run the Thunder out of the building when they play. Still, everyone should take notice of the way Oklahoma City is attempting to load up.