Training camp an important time for Warriors

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 22: Kevin Durant
OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 22: Kevin Durant /

The Golden State Warriors are the most dominant team in the NBA. However, training camp is as important as ever for this franchise.

The time to prep and get ready for the season is here for the Golden State Warriors. With training camp underway, the franchise is getting ready for their next big run at what should hopefully culminate with another NBA Championship.

After the big offseason, the Warriors have managed to keep their team together while adding plenty of other talented pieces to the mix. The team was able to Add Nick Young and Omri Casspi off the bench to their firepower.

While the additions were fantastic, this is perhaps the most critical training camp for this group yet. It’s easy to say that the team is going to run through the league and they should, but it’s now at a point where they’re chasing legacy.

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The drive to stay sharp and add onto greatness is the fuel they’re living on now. With the rest of the league loading up to take them down, this is the time when they should be more focused than ever to keep their crown.

Distractions can get in the way of a dynasty and it has happened before in this league. While it was a great offseason for the front office, it was a bit of a strange one for the players to say the least.

By virtue of being the champions, the team has to deal with being at the forefront of the White House invitation discussion (which has since been revoked) along with other things.

It’s one thing to be tasked with being the top thing, but another to be tasked with being the team to take a huge stand on a civil rights platform.

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Along with leading the charge there, the Warriors have to navigate their way through strange Twitter habits from Kevin Durant, a shoe rivalry and some of the most polarizing personalities in the entire NBA.

Believe it or not, a unit that knows each other is going to need some time to gel and just focus on basketball. It comes with the territory that they have entered and they’re absolutely human just like everyone else.