Golden State Warriors: Dwyane Wade made right choice

MIAMI, FL - FEBRUARY 24: Dwyane Wade
MIAMI, FL - FEBRUARY 24: Dwyane Wade /

According to a report, the Golden State Warriors did show interest in Dwyane Wade. He made the right choice for all parties choosing Cleveland.

If people hadn’t realized it yet, they know now that the Golden State Warriors are legitimately in on every big name that becomes available. Even if their roster is already loaded down with contracts and max players, Golden State isn’t going to stop chasing the opportunity to make the team better.

Alex Kennedy reported on HoopsHype, that a source said the Warriors did show interest in Dwyane Wade when he hit the market. It doesn’t sound like things really went that far and it’s not much of a shock that he ultimately chose LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

While Wade in a Warriors uniform might have been one of the best heel turns in the NBA and something fans would certainly hold over James, it was the right move to pick Cleveland. There are a variety of factors as to why this was the right choice to say the least.

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First and foremost, Wade’s best friend is James and the two have a chemistry on the floor with the other. After winning two titles and going to four straight NBA Finals in Miami, the band getting back together makes way too much sense.

Secondly, Wade’s fit on the Warriors would have been a weird one to say the least. He wouldn’t start on Golden State and how they work a second unit rotation in with him and some starters would have taken an adjustment period.

There’s little doubt they would have figured it out eventually, but sometimes too much is well too much. Choosing Cleveland makes a potential NBA Finals rematch for the fourth straight year all the more entertaining.

Cleveland certainly has some different faces on the roster compared to their last three runs and their road to the NBA Finals will be tougher with Boston on the rise. Golden State of course once again has to go through a loaded Western Conference to get back.

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So while yes, Wade chose the Cavaliers and the Warriors’ interest may or may not have been all that serious, it shows that Bob Myers is committed to taking any avenue possible to creating the best overall roster. He might very well have it right now, but he’s never going to settle.