Golden State Warriors: Two games in China perfect growing opportunity

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Kevin Durant
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Kevin Durant /

The Golden State Warriors going to China is the perfect chance for this year’s team to grow and gel together right away.

Every version of a basketball club is different. No roster rarely remains the same and the nuances of a professional sports season vary from year to year. For the Golden State Warriors, change and growth will take time as it usually does.

While this is the same core kept in tact, they’ll still need their time to grow as the 2017-18 version of the franchise. That means that chemistry is going to take time and the unit will have to find their moments where they can come together early.

Last season, the Warriors caught a bit of a break early. They had an early road swing that allowed them to get out of Oracle after a disappointing opening night loss to the San Antonio Spurs. That time away allowed them to roll through their opponents and find themselves right off the bats.

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This year, the Warriors have a chance to get an early start in the preseason. The team is going to China to play the Minnesota Timberwolves for two games. An international experience should give this team plenty of opportunity to grow.

They kicked the preseason off with a loss to the Denver Nuggets at home on Saturday night. It was clear that the new role players such as Nick Young and others, are going to need time to adjust to this system.

So much of that can be improved by getting out on the road. Well, it doesn’t get much further than going all the way to China and this has the potential to be a place where the team can get the ball rolling toward the regular season.

Right now, the San Antonio Spurs are having to deal with the injury to Kawhi Leonard. However, they are far from the only threat. What the Warriors need to do is get a leg up while these other new super teams take time to figure things out.

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Even if the lineups are different and the minutes aren’t the same, this is an important preseason for Golden State. With everyone gearing up to take them down this year, they have to be sharp from the very beginning. They can forge ahead with a great overseas trip.