Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry deserved no less than the max

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The Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry deserved every penny of his new max contract.

As soon as free agency opened, the Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry came to a quick agreement. The team moved fast on offering Curry as much money as possible. They gave him the then-richest deal in the history of the NBA.

Curry signed his max deal worth $201 million over five years. All was right in the Bay Area. After years of being underpaid, the greatest player in franchise history was getting the money he deserved.

The Athletic‘s Marcus Thompson II reported that owner Joe Lacob wanted to offer Curry less than the max. General Manager Bob Myers changed his mind and the Warriors offered the two-time MVP the full amount. No harm, no foul.

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Over the last four seasons, Curry has won two MVPs, two championships, and shattered countless records. He’s done more for the Warriors’ franchise than any other player ever. He did this with the salary of a role player.

Curry signed a four year, $44 million extension when it was clear that he was talented, but it was unknown if he could stay healthy. He’s exceeded all expectations. He’s made sure that he will go down in NBA history as one of the game’s great winners, in line with Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan.

Curry deserved every single penny of that max. In fact, like LeBron James said, he might still be underpaid. That’s how important he is to the Warriors and to the NBA as a whole.

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Lacob’s job is to put together a winner, but it’s understandable that he will seek to cut a smaller check, if possible. Myers’ job is to acquire talent, retain that talent, and ensure his top talent is happy. Curry’s job is to make sure that he’s maximizing his potential, both on and off the court.

Ultimately, Curry got his max deal. The fact that the owner wanted to spend less probably won’t mean too much to someone as thoughtful and understanding as Curry. He got what he deserved, within the scope of the league.