Golden State Warriors: Funny detail in Nike’s ‘Want It All’ ad

CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 7: Kevin Durant
CLEVELAND, OH - JUNE 7: Kevin Durant /

The Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant is featured in Nike’s new ad in which a young hooper beats the defending champs. Here’s why that’s funny.

Nike is bringing it this year. First, they took over as the official partner of the NBA, upgrading on the technology and designs (for the most part) that Adidas had. They then released a pretty cool new commercial titled “Want It All.”

It’s a semi-relatable story about a young basketball player named Dante having dreams of being a pro hooper. That part is relatable. He actually accomplishes that goal and ends up getting drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers after winning at Duke University.

The protagonist gets thrown right into the fire immediately. By getting drafted by the Cavs, he gets thrust into the NBA’s best rivalry. He gets taught a lesson really fast.

The ad flashes to a game against the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant is dribbling the ball upcourt. He goes to a crossover and uses in an inside-out move in his left hand to get space and rises up for the three-pointer. He hits it and puts the Warriors up by one.

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On the other end, Dante and LeBron James run a two-man game which results in the latter throwing the former an alley-oop pass off the backboard that ends up in a game-winning dunk. The Cavaliers celebrate. The mighty Warriors have fallen at the hands of the King and the Rook.

But there’s one hilarious detail about the ad that Warriors fans can smile at. With the game on the line, LeBron James lets a rookie guard Kevin Durant with the game on the line. Is he really that afraid of defending him?

Look, I get why they did it that way. It’s for the sake of the commercial. James also featured the Warriors heavily in his own ad. Still, it’s pretty funny that he can only beat them in a fictional world.

I suppose he needs to do something different. Last time James tried to defend Durant late in a game at the Quicken Loan Arena, Durant hit an iconic three-pointer.