The Warriors should be thankful they’re not playing in Orlando

The Golden State Warriors aren’t going to be playing in Orlando, and it’s something the team and its personnel should be thankful for.

22 teams will be in Orlando in just over a month. The Golden State Warriors, the worst team in the NBA by record, won’t be in attendance, and it’s something the front office has spoken out on. They’re thrilled to miss out on it.

The players and front office shouldn’t just be excited not be in attendance, but they should also be thankful. The stress that this will put on the players and their families could be brutal as teams will be down in Orlando for potentially months.

The Warriors won just 15 games, losing 50. They played just 65 games and will be one of eight teams not in attendance. Those same teams will be gifted an extra-long offseason as the mid-March suspension will end as their last NBA play till the 2020-2021 season.

As Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry played a combined five games, the team struggled to gain any momentum throughout the season. They were largely led by D’Angelo Russell who was traded right before the 2020 deadline.

With a top-five pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, the Warriors will get extra time to scout their prospects and plan how they’ll continue their dynasty in the future. Both the extra rest and extra time are positives from the NBA opting into the 22-team restart.

With COVID-19 testing for players leading up to the return, many positive tests are appearing. Players like the Pacers’ Malcolm Brogdon have already tested positive. They may quarantine from their family and team.

That process will seemingly be up to the team. Either way, it’s something the Warriors will get to avoid altogether. Having that type of unnecessary exposure isn’t ideal, but the financial ramifications from not returning to play are also brutal.

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The NBA needed this return and the Warriors thankfully were left out of it.

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