Golden State Warriors: 3 Trade targets better than Ben Simmons

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Golden State Warriors (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

It’s impossible to avoid the rumors at this point. Everyone is talking about it. However, the Golden State Warriors should be avoiding a potential trade for Ben Simmons.

Sure, adding a Defensive Player of the Year candidate and top-tier playmaker to this roster sounds like a home run move. Why wouldn’t the Warriors want Simmons on their team? Well, it’s because he simply costs too much.

Simmons is an elite player and an All-Star, there is no debating that. Yet, he isn’t worth giving up Draymond Green and his value as a defender won’t be enough to replace the 3-and-D presence of Andrew Wiggins. Consequently, the Dubs need to be looking elsewhere this summer.

The Golden State Warriors should be turning their heads away from Ben Simmons’ talk and shift their attention to these targets.

I want to clarify, these targets are not necessarily better individual players than Simmons, but they are better candidates for trade. Not only do they potentially fit better but they are available for a lower (or equal) price.

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