Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry only gets “45 percent” of foul calls

Anyone who has ever played basketball understands that it typically feels like you are being fouled more than you actually are. This rings true even for some of the greatest players in the world as Stephen Curry disclosed he feels he only earns 45 percent of his calls when suiting up for the Golden State Warriors.

Stephen Curry thinks he deserves more free throws, citing he only receives about 45 percent of the calls he deserves with the Golden State Warriors.

Curry jokingly told David Aldridge that he receives less than half of the calls he should in a recent interview for The Athletic. While Curry is obviously taking a light-hearted jab at the referee’s — he might have a point.

At 6.3 attempts per game, Curry ranked 17th in the NBA for foul shots per game. This is behind other guards such as Damian Lillard, Collin Sexton, Trae Young, Bradley Beal and De’Aaron Fox. For reference, Curry attempted the second-most field goals in the league.

For a player who is constantly being thrashed around on the perimeter in a desperate effort by defenders to thwart him away from screens, it is kinda surprising to see Curry outside of the top 15 for free throws.

And, those bonus shots might become even more difficult to earn with the NBA’s new rule. The league is looking to crack down on unorthodox jump shots that probe defenders into extra contact. Curry learned this the hard way in game one of the preseason, being denied a call he has grown accustomed to earning.

“That’s kind of a judgment call, in terms of, is the defender truly stopping and still in legal guarding position, or am I the one truly initiating the contact? There’s going to be that gray area there. Obviously, I lost that conversation.”

Via The Athletic

While Curry is in no way demanding special treatment from the officials — we can guarantee he is itching to get to the line more. Can you blame him? The guy shoots 90.7 percent from the charity stripe, an NBA record.

It will take some adjusting for Curry and others such as Trae Young and James Harden to adapt to these new rules but there is no doubt in my mind the reigning scoring champ will find a way to get buckets, regardless.