6 Biggest Needs for the Golden State Warriors Roster this Offseason

Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors
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4. More shooting in the front court

As previously mentioned, the Warriors often found themselves lacking three-point shooting this season outside Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. That's particularly the case in the front court where they've struggled to replace the invaluable role Otto Porter Jr. played in their 2022 championship season.

Their traditional centers in Trayce Jackson-Davis and Kevon Looney don't operate anywhere beyond the paint. Draymond Green shot a career-high 39.5% from beyond the arc, yet he takes just over two a game and defenses don't guard the 34-year-old in any meaningful manner. Jonathan Kuminga's jump-shot is a work in progress, but it's become clear that he's so much better when attacking the paint rather than settling for three-point attempts.

Even at the small-forward spot, how much can Golden State trust in Andrew Wiggins' jumper assuming he's still on the roster heading into next season? The Canadian got his three-point percentage up to 35.8% on the season but was often inconsistent, let alone the fact his 3.6 attempts were a seven-year low.

The Warriors have tried to add front court shooting with JaMychal Green and Dario Saric in each of the past two seasons, but both have failed to have the sort of impact the franchise would have hoped. Could third time be a charm?

5. More shooting off the bench

Most teams have a three-point sniper they can implement off the bench when needed, yet that's something the Warriors completely lacked this season. Brandin Podziemski shot a healthy 38.5% but on smaller volume, the front court options aren't a threat as previously stated, and teams are more than happy to let Gary Payton II spot up from the corners.

Golden State could move Thompson back to the bench as they did just prior to the All-Star break, but that's all that's likely to do is push the lack of shooting to the starting group. This is where Moses Moody's development is bound to be important given he's the one bench player who could be a high volume, high quality three-point shooter. Regardless, adding more perimeter threats should be a priority for the Warriors.