Making the case for and against the Golden State Warriors' trade pursuit of rival guard

Golden State Warriors v Atlanta Hawks
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Why the Warriors SHOULD consider a trade for Dejounte Murray

1. Provides consistent secondary scorer next to Stephen Curry

Although Murray's defensive capacity has waned over recent times, his offense has remained fairly steadfast over the last three seasons. He's currently averaging 21.1 points per game on a more than respectable 46.6% from the floor and 39.4% from three-point range.

Golden State desperately need a consistent scorer next to Stephen Curry. Klay Thompson can still have his nights of producing 20-25+ points, but at this point the veteran shooter simply isn't reliable enough to be a second go-to guy. Andrew Wiggins is a shell of himself and may find himself off the team within a month, while Jonathan Kuminga hasn't quite developed to the point of being that player just yet.

Murray could certainly be that player, having proved a consistent option despite playing second fiddle to Young. In 36 games this season, the former Spur has scored less than 10 points just once and below 15 points on only seven total occasions.

Not just a talented scorer, Murray could also be the point-guard when Curry's off the floor. He previously averaged 9.2 assists with the Spurs in 2021-22, and still averages over five assists since moving to the Hawks.

2. Retains salary spot for future

From a contractual standpoint, trading for Murray would be locking the Warriors into more money going forward. The seven-year veteran is set to begin a four-year, $114.1 million next season.

While you can argue whether or not it's wise for the Warriors to commit to more money given their current standing, saving that salary spot could prove important rather than the alternative of simply declining Paul's $30 million team option.

At just 27-years-old, Murray's new deal should age just fine, giving the Warriors the opportunity to have a look at him in their system and move him on themselves if things don't pan out ideally.

Murray isn't necessarily the perfect fit for the Warriors though, so let's evaluate why the franchise may choose to steer clear of the 6'5" guard.