5 Things the Warriors must do before the trade deadline

The Warriors should try to accomplish these things before the Feb. 8 trade deadline.
Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson
Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson / John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports
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The Golden State Warriors are in a tricky spot heading into the trade deadline. They have a massive payroll and are over the second tax apron, but sit four games under .500 and 12th in the Western Conference. The Dubs must make a move, but their needs are difficult to pinpoint after so many struggles.

They are facing the end of their dynasty. The Warriors do not want to miss the playoffs and have no plans of letting Stephen Curry leave. They need to find a way to build a contender around the legend as he declines and it might mean making some difficult decisions on players who helped them in their four recent championships.

The Warriors have work to do before Feb. 8, and these things should be on the to-do list ahead of the deadline.

5. Make a Klay Thompson decision

The Warriors reportedly offered Thompson an extension, but the two sides could not agree. He is in the final season of his contract and making $43.2 million. The 33-year-old is no longer in his prime and will likely be forced to take a pay cut this summer. Can the Dubs work something out to keep him in the Bay Area?

Golden State knows what Thompson wants, so decision time is now. If they are not willing to meet his offseason demands, the Warriors should trade him before the deadline and try to recoup some value. The Dubs can still make him part of their core, but they have to be willing to sign him to a long-term to do that. Whichever way the franchise wants to go it should head in that direction immediately.

The Golden State Warriors are not done after deciding on what to do with Klay Thompson. They have to find other moves to improve their roster with a specific emphasis on this key issue.