Grade the Trade: Golden State Warriors mortgage future for 2x time All-Star and backup big in three-team mock deal

Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors
Toronto Raptors v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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Would the Toronto Raptors make this trade?

Given the fact the Raptors are nothing more than an average team with Siakam and O.G. Anunoby, and that both can be free agents in the summer, this a pretty good haul for the Raptors to start their rebuild around former Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes.

Fournier, Grimes and particularly Wiggins can still be very helpful in the short-term, allowing Toronto to maintain some sort of competitiveness should they wish. In Grimes and Wiggins you get two starting caliber players, and who knows, maybe the latter can find his best form back home in Canada, not to mention he's under team control for the next three seasons past this one.

Kuminga would offer the sort of high-upside two-way wing Ujiri seemingly loves -- he would no doubt garner more opportunity with the Raptors than what he presently does in Golden State. He and the picks offer building blocks for the future, with that Warrior pick incredibly enticing given they're giving up the majority of their future in this deal.

Would the New York Knicks make this trade?

You'd probably have a hard time getting the Knicks to agree to this deal, at least in contrast to the Raptors. Fournier hasn't cracked the rotation for a while so he's just salary filler on New York's part, but even still, is Grimes, Hartenstein and two first-round picks worth Anunoby, Moody and Payton?

On first glance it probably is, however you again have to factor in that Anunoby could be a short-term rental. Would the Knicks cough up the 20+ million per year they'd need to retain him in free agency? Anunoby is a better player than Grimes no doubt, but they'd both be fourth options offensively (in the starting lineup) and the latter is under contract next season for a measly $4.3 million.

Then you add in the fact head coach Tom Thibodeau is notorious for playing his main guys heavy minutes, particularly come playoff time. As appealing as Moody and Payton are, how many minutes would they see in the playoffs? With Immanuel Quickley, Josh Hart and former Warrior Donte DiVincenzo already coming off the bench, the answer is probably not much.

Let's say the Raptors and Knicks would each agree to the trade -- would the Warriors?