Nine-year NBA veteran hints at Golden State Warriors pulling off superstar trade

New York Knicks v Golden State Warriors
New York Knicks v Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

After a season in which they finished 10th in the Western Conference and failed to make the playoffs, it's become clear that the Golden State Warriors need to find far greater support for franchise superstar Stephen Curry.

Curry tried his best in winning the NBA's Clutch Player of the Year, but he was often left as a lone act including in the second-half of the Warriors' Play-In elimination at the hands of the Sacramento Kings.

Nine-year NBA veteran Brandon Jennings has hinted that the Golden State Warriors will pull off a superstar trade this offseason

With Curry still one of the league's elite players, it's likely that the Warriors seek some kind of roster upgrade via trade. How much of an upgrade will depend on who becomes available, with many believing Golden State need a genuine superstar if they have any hope of reigniting championship aspirations.

In a Saturday post that could provide some hope to Warrior fans, nine-year NBA veteran Brandon Jennings took to X/Twitter sharing his belief that Curry "is playing with a superstar type player next year."

Speculation will arise on which player that could possibly be, assuming Jennings isn't hinting that Curry himself could be traded away from the franchise -- such an idea has been floated in the wake of the Warriors' season, but that remains highly unlikely despite the team's struggles.

More on the potential availability of star players will be known following the postseason, with a number currently in the midst of first-round playoff concerns. Giannis Antetekounmpo finds himself sidelined by injury, leading to the Milwaukee Bucks 2-1 deficit against the Indiana Pacers.

The Phoenix Suns have been the biggest disappointment during the postseason to date, resulting in a 3-0 deficit to the Minnesota Timberwolves that has the futures of Kevin Durant and Devin Booker in the spotlight.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis kept the Los Angeles Lakers' season alive on Saturday, but the future of the former is still expected to draw headlines given the 39-year-old's ability to opt out and become a free agent.

One positive of the Warriors' season was the form of their young players, with the likes of Jonathan Kuminga, Brandin Podziemski and Trayce Jackson-Davis sure to be valuable to rival teams should a blockbuster trade present itself.