Predicting 8 Free Agency/Contract Outcomes for the Golden State Warriors

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3. Chris Paul

June 28 is the key date for Chris Paul where the Warriors will have to decide whether or not to guarantee the veteran point guard's $30 million contract for next season. The two sides could mutually agree to push back that date, but it's hard to see what benefit that would be for Paul unless there's a genuine belief that it would become guaranteed.

Given Golden State's ambition to get under the second-tax apron, it's almost impossible to see them re-signing Thompson while also guaranteeing Paul's contract. Hence, if the deal does get guaranteed, expect Paul to be traded and Thompson to depart in free agency, as was outlined by The Athletic's Anthony Slater last month.

If there remains optimism that Thompson will ultimately re-sign, then the only conclusion is that the Warriors will waive Paul's contract and allow him to become an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his decorated 19-year career.

Plenty of teams are expected to have interest in the 39-year-old as a free agent, with the Los Angeles Lakers an obvious landing spot where Paul could play alongside good friend LeBron James for the first time.

Outcome: Waived by Warriors, signs with Los Angeles Lakers for Taxpayer mid-level exception