Ranking 11 Golden State Warriors Trade Assets This Offseason

Boston Celtics v Golden State Warriors
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The Golden State Warriors enter this offseason under a degree of pressure following a year in which they failed to make the playoffs despite possessing the highest payroll in the league.

Yet despite the financial hindrance the franchise retains, their combination of young and future assets does leave some flexibility for the Warriors to make a significant trade in the coming weeks or months.

The Golden State Warriors retain their fair share of valuable assets, some of which may be utilized in a major trade this offseason

While they may have finished 10th in the Western Conference, the Warriors are better set-up than a host of other teams, perhaps best illustrated in a recent rank of coaching destinations.

Golden State will have a host of assets that will be of interest to rival teams this offseason, though not all will be available given the stature of some at the franchise. The key question is how far they're willing to go to sacrifice the future for the now, but let's first evaluate what they've got at their disposal.

Before a ranking of Golden State's top 11 trade assets, a couple of notes:

*No player without a guaranteed deal for next season will be on this list. That means no free agents (e.g. Klay Thompson), those with non-guaranteed or partially-guaranteed contracts (e.g. Chris Paul and Kevon Looney), or those with player options (Gary Payton II).

*The Warriors have a number of first-round picks at their disposal, though as outlined by ESPN's Bobby Marks, they can only directly trade two of them (2025 and 2027 or 2026 and 2028) due to the Stepien Rule (they can pick swap).