Ranking 11 Golden State Warriors Trade Assets This Offseason

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11. Andrew Wiggins

How times can change. When the Warriors signed Andrew Wiggins to a four-year, $109 million extension in October 2022, it was lauded as an incredibly team-friendly deal for someone who had just been the second-best player in the NBA Finals. By February this year as Wiggins found himself in a myriad of trade speculation before the mid-season deadline, the contract had turned to one of the worst in the league according to some.

Despite having the worst year of his career to date, Wiggins still holds value to Golden State largely thanks to his role as the team's primary perimeter defender. In league wide circles however, the franchise would be lucky to get off the Canadian's contract without having to also add in draft compensation. It's not an untradable contract by any means, but at the same time Wiggins is primarily salary filler if he's to be moved this offseason.

10. Moses Moody

It's hard to evaluate Moses Moody's trade value, much in the same way that it's difficult to forecast his future thanks to the inconsistent opportunity he's received across his first three seasons. One thing is for sure -- the up-and-down playing time has certainly decreased his value from when he was taken 14th overall by the Warriors in 2021.

Moody would certainly have interest from a lot of teams this offseason, particularly rebuilding ones who could offer him a more solidified role in the final year of his rookie deal. Given the uncertainty of this draft, perhaps the Warriors could get a mid-teens first-round pick as proposed by Bleacher Report's Zach Buckley in a deal that would see the Philadelphia 76ers give up their 16th pick.

Otherwise the 21-year-old is a nice piece who could add some extra value in a trade package this offseason, but who is unlikely to be a significant difference-maker in Golden State's hopes of landing a significant rotation player.