Ranking 11 Golden State Warriors Trade Assets This Offseason

Boston Celtics v Golden State Warriors
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2. Jonathan Kuminga

Golden State's future picks may certainly be of value, but they're also based on a forecast of where the franchise is expected to be in the coming years. Not only do rival teams need to hope they land in the lottery, top 10, or even top five, but they then need to pick the right prospect and develop them accordingly.

It's for this reason that Jonathan Kuminga remains a greater trade asset than the picks. While it's been a slow-burn at times for the talented former seventh overall pick, Kuminga exploded to be one of the league's most improved players over the second half of this season.

There's a reason that, despite plenty of speculation and reports of unhappiness in January, the Warriors made Kuminga virtually untouchable at February's mid-season trade deadline. The franchise is expected to hold the same stance this offseason, with only a bona fide All-Star expected to draw Golden State's interest in giving up their 21-year-old forward.

1. Stephen Curry

Of every player and pick the Warriors have at their disposal, there's still no one or nothing that holds as much value as Stephen Curry. Despite being 36-years-old, the two-time MVP remains one of best players in the league after a season in which he averaged 26.4 points on 40.8% from three-point range.

Golden State aren't moving on from their greatest ever player, but for hypothetical's sake, any Curry trade would return the franchise an abundance of talented young players and/or future picks, not to mention the salary that would be required for teams without cap space to match his $55.8 million deal for next season.