Ranking the 3 biggest positives from the Golden State Warriors' season

Milwaukee Bucks v Golden State Warriors
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A tenth-placed finish in the Western Conference was ultimately a poor result for the Golden State Warriors this season, but it wasn't all bad for the franchise who discovered some major positives that they can take forward with them.

The Warriors were a victim of an incredibly competitive conference, having finished four spots lower in the standings despite winning two more games than the previous season.

A number of players stepped above expectation to take bigger (and often surprising) roles for the Golden State Warriors this season

Golden State's 46-36 record ties for the sixth-best record of any non-playoff team in NBA history. Their 27 wins from Janaury 28 onwards ranked second in the league behind the Boston Celtics. This version of the Warriors was a good team who shot themselves in the foot with a series of blown leads, a few ill-discipline acts, and some underwhelming early form from their veteran players.

Tuesday's brutal defeat to the Sacramento Kings lends itself to a pessimistic outlook, but it's not all doom and gloom despite the 24-point loss that failed to reflect the corresponding form of each team. Golden State still have a perennial superstar in Stephen Curry, a number of exciting young players ready to take the next step, and an ownership and front office that remain committed to winning.

After covering the Warriors most disappointing players yesterday, let's rank the three biggest positives that should give fans reasons for optimism heading into the offseason: