Russell Westbrook vows revenge on Zaza Pachulia (Video)


Russell Westbrook let reporters know that he will be getting retribution against Golden State Warriors center Zaza Pachulia over their flagrant foul incident.

The bad blood between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder has boiled over. If the two sides hated each other already, things reached another level of vitriol on Wednesday night in Oakland. While the feud between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant continued on the court, Zaza Pachulia entered the conversation.

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During the game, Westbrook got absolutely floored by Pachulia and hit the deck. One of the NBA’s leading vote recipients for the All-Star Game was called for a flagrant foul while Westbrook was out on the ground. Pachulia stood over and stared down his fallen competitor after the massive hit.

The Warriors would end up defeating the Thunder rather comfortably and Westbrook was not in a good mood as he left the floor angry yet again. After the game, Westbrook really let his emotions spill over, as he talked about the Pachulia incident.

He mentioned that he didn’t see Pachulia standing over him because he was on the ground. That’s where he then really let his intentions known. He mentioned that he was going to get the big man back and that he doesn’t play around like that.

Warning: Brief NSFW Language

Needless to say, this has become one of the most fun rivalries in the NBA. These two teams do not like each other and Westbrook has become angry beyond belief with the Warriors. Whether or not he is fined for his comments remains to be seen but the next time these two teams meet will be incredible.

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It will be Durant’s first return to Oklahoma City and Westbrook will have a chance to act on his word if he desires. Basketball is at it’s best when their are multiple rivalries going on at once and these two teams appear to just be getting started.

While everyone wants to see the Cleveland Cavaliers and Warriors play in the NBA Finals again, seeing Golden State and Oklahoma City go at it during the Western Conference Playoffs is something that needs to happen.