Golden State Warriors: Who should be the starting center? (POLL)

BROOKLYN, NY - DECEMBER 22: Zaza Pachulia
BROOKLYN, NY - DECEMBER 22: Zaza Pachulia /

The Golden State Warriors have two main options for the starting center spot: Zaza Pachulia and JaVale McGee. Who should be the starter? Vote on this Twitter poll.

The Golden State Warriors will be bringing back both of their top two centers from last year’s championship team. They came to an agreement with Zaza Pachulia weeks ago. After reports came out about JaVale McGee’s unhappiness, he and the team recently came to an agreement as well.

McGee felt slighted by the Warriors. He, reportedly, believed that he deserved more money and the opportunity to be the starting center. He thought that his play the previous year earned him that much.

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This isn’t a new concept for Warriors fans. All season long there was a debate about who the starting center should be. Though Pachulia never relinquished the spot and the Warriors were extremely successful with him, they conversation persisted throughout the year.

Even though the Warriors won the championship, that debate still won’t go away. Despite the fact that Golden State has four All-Stars in their starting lineup, the big man is still an important part of what they do. Contrary to popular belief, the starting center isn’t meaningless.

Luckily, there’s a poll for that.

The Warriors have more options than just Pachulia and McGee at center. They could, in theory, start a guy like Damian Jones. If Steve Kerr wanted to, he could go small from the beginning and slide Draymond Green over to the five spot at the start of games.

It’s unlikely that Kerr would start young players like Jones or Jordan Bell. He definitely won’t start small, unless his back is against the wall in the playoffs. David West needs to be preserved through a limited role, not a starting spot.

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So, really, the Warriors have two options: Pachulia and McGee. They have different skill sets with nearly contrasting styles of play. Which do you think should be starting?

Should the Warriors try to keep McGee happy and start him? Or do they go with what worked for them last season? Make sure you vote on Twitter!