Stephen Curry has every right to make fun of LeBron James

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: LeBron James
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: LeBron James /

Stephen Curry, the two-time champion, has every right to make fun of LeBron James and anyone else he wants.

Just when you start to think the Golden State Warriors-Cleveland Cavaliers rivalry couldn’t get any pettier, one of the sides manages to take it to a whole other level. After winning the 2017 NBA Finals–their second title in three years–it’s the Warriors that are doing most of the talking. They earned it.

Stephen Curry has two personalities: he has Wardell off the court and the Baby-Faced Assassin on it. They, mostly, look the same, but they couldn’t be any further apart in terms of who they are. Away from the game, Curry is generally mild-mannered and low key. During the heat of a game, Curry is a killer and a monster.

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At this point, though, Curry is a changed man. After suffering a heartbreaking loss in the 2016 NBA Finals, he endured some of the worst criticism and ridicule that any individual player has received in the sport. His status as a great as being questioned.

Experts and fans insulted and made fun of his performance while injured. LeBron James, the Finals MVP of that series, also got in on it. He joined the fans in going after Curry, highlighted by his Halloween party.

James basically tried to plan a funeral for Steph Curry. James called a baker and asked him to make cookies in the shape of tombstones with Curry’s and Klay Thompson’s names on them. Furthermore, guests had to walk over a dummy of the two-time MVP that laid at the entrance.

So Curry’s dancing does not cross a line. He’s just fed up and trying to puff out his chest a little. James isn’t the only one who can talk trash.

While at Harrison Barnes’ wedding, Curry danced along with other guests. Though, at one point, it wasn’t any ordinary dance. And he wasn’t with any ordinary guest.

With the support of Kyrie Irving, Curry mocked one of LeBron James’ workout videos. He made the angry face like James did. The champ appeared to stop his workout in order to hold out a cell phone and record himself doing an aggressive fist pump.

In what should come as a shock to no one, the Internet did not react calmly. It was hot takes left and right. There were strong reactions, especially from the Northeastern Ohio region.

Whether or not it was appropriate for Irving to engage in such behavior, especially since he’s still a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, isn’t up to me decide. On one hand, he is under contract still and that’s his teammate being made fun of by James’ rival. On the other hand, he’s at a wedding and they’re laughing at something silly.

Some were incensed at Curry’s actions. How dare someone like him mock someone like James? How can get away with it?

Curry has every right to make fun of LeBron James. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ star has taken every opportunity to take a shot at Curry. This peaked when he decided to hold a funeral for Curry, with cookies bearing his name and a dummy shaped like him lying dead at the door.

Curry has won two rings at James’ expense. He’s won two MVPs in seasons that James put up great numbers. He’s become the face of the league.

Still, James has taken countless jabs at Curry. The Warriors’ superstar is fed up and firing back now. He has every right to do that.

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He’s the champ. If James wants to take shots, he should be prepared to receive them, too. Steph Curry is on top right now.

He has every right to do whatever he wants. The solution is simple: if you don’t like, then stop him.